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Full Version: Lucid Dream Robbery
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I am not even 100% sure if this was a lucid dream, or just confusion, but it has stayed on my mind for a few months now. I am a VERY light sleeper. I wake up easily and have to use ear plugs AND a sound machine to avoid waking up. As a child I would wake up even if my parents looked in on me. I always have to have the door closed. This night, I woke up suddenly and saw someone entering our master bath. At first I thought it was my husband, but then I realized he was still next to me. My heart started racing and then my husband jumps out of bed and sort of stalks over to the bathroom. He has something in his hand, I think his gun. He slowly opens the door slightly and slides in and shuts the door. Now I am almost in a panic. I don't hear anything going on inside
 Our master bath is large and there is a large walkin closet at the back. Do I go in and help him if there is a robber? Or would that make it worse? I don't keep my phone by the bed as most do. It is in the kitchen. Wonder if he is not alone? If I go into the kitchen will I surprise another robber? There is still silence other than the whir of the sound machine, which I don't dare turn off. I creep into the kitchen. No one else is around. I grab my phone. Now I think I hear a struggle coming from the bathroom. Just as I was about to call 911, my husband comes out of the bathroom, PHONE in hand - which he uses as a night light. I was never so relieved. This haunted me so much that I became afraid that it may have been a precognitive dream. However, we have since moved and have a completely different layout. I can still see so clearly, though, that figure that went into our bathroom when I woke up. Though it was quick (about 5 seconds) it still seemed slow enough that I can describe the shape, size and gender.