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Full Version: Air evacuation
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4 Oct 2015

No intention set

This was a short dream, a vignette. I stood outside a chain link fence. There were others with me, a line of people all silently watching planes landing at an air field on a military base. One plane after the next. They would taxi to the terminal, offload their passengers, spend a few minutes refueling and checking the planes, then head back out to the runway and take off again. Both military and commercial planes. I recognized Southwest Airlines and United Airlines planes. There were some commercial planes, I didn't recognize their logos. Big planes, little puddlejumpers. All coming and going in a steady stream. I looked skyward, and there were more planes circling the field. Off in the distance, the sky was going grey and dark. I knew it wasn't nightfall. Something was happening. Some sort of natural disaster. I knew this was a desperate attempt to get as many people to some sort of safety before it was too late. But they were running out of time. Soon the planes would have to land and that would be that.

No one spoke but there was a feel that we all knew that what was being done only bought time.

Had a strong feeling of urgency tinged with resignation. Whatever was happening was unstoppable and any measures that were being taken were nothing more than stopgap. It's difficult to describe since I didn't know what was happening.

No clue where this was taking place but the terrain was hilly around the airfield. Grass/brush. Everything was brown. Dusty. Sunny and clear, except for the section of the sky that was dark grey. Don't know which direction it was. I didn't recognize any of the people standing with me. It was like we were all there as observers. Aware of each other but not having any contact.

What really got my attention about this dream was I jerked awake and was ice cold. I was shivering I was so cold. My extremities were blue, as if I'd been walking barefoot in freezing temps, and I live in Texas, where it's still quite warm even at night. I was so cold I pulled a blanket from the closet and threw it on the bed so I could go back to sleep.
that scenario reminds me of the scene in the movie, 2012 where they are taking off in their puddle jumper just as
Yellowstone blows and the earth starts caving in. No where to go
an arc...

these days- a

anyone there? Keep your warm socks as its cold in outer space.......all aboard.
Oh, they're there...watching.
Maybe Alaska? Volcano? or...a Dakoka state? Any volcanoes near a Dakota state? Yellowstone isn't far...
If Yellowstone blew, the Dakotas would be in a direct line for ash fallout.