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Full Version: Acknowledging the existence of Aliens
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Hi all. I haven't posted recently because of a stressful time personally and all of my dreams seemed to revolve around that. I did, however, want to mention a dream I had last night about our government acknowledging the existence of aliens. In my dream Jimmy Carter was the one who finally speaks out publicly and confirms this. I saw this happening just before his death. I had a sense of him passing away in November. I also drempt that this really upset the presidential race and most of the candidates called President Carter a quack which ended up backfiring on them. I really hope this doesn't happen for many reasons, but the dream seemed very real.
sounds like a viable plan- not crazy at all.
Actually, if he believed this, I could see Carter saying something about it near his death.
He has already said he saw one.

The Jimmy Carter UFO Incident is the name given to an incident in which Jimmy Carter (US President 1977-1981) reported seeing an unidentified flying object while at Leary, Georgia, in 1969.

Former President Jimmy Carter spotted a UFO when he was Governor in 1969. While leaving the Lionís Club in Leary, GA he spotted a red and green orb ìthat was as bright as the moonî along with about 10-12 other Lionís Club members. Although this didnít attract a lot of media attention, he was the first major politician to come forward about any paranormal sightings. This soon led to many others coming forward to explain their encounters. He has stated that he may not actually believe that there really are aliens out there, but can only explain the description of what he saw that night.
That is really cool. I wasn't aware that he already saw a UFO. My dream was about him acknowledging that all presidents know about aliens and have kept it quiet. Maybe that has already happened, idk.
Hmmmm, this thread overlaps with today's bot run. ....
Redtailhawk, thank you so much for your dream post yesterday. There is a huge overlap with today's botrun, as Eagle mentioned. Your dream is very significant I believe. Welcome back to the DNC!
Thank you twice blessed 9!