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Full Version: Martial law, city being bombed
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I don't remember a specific intention for this dream. As I recall, I had noted I hadn't seen many dreams posted and had an intention along the lines of "is something coming up that we're not supposed to see that is preventing people from getting dreams?"

In my dream, I am in a residential suburb; in the distance there is a city with large buildings. In the dream I believe I'm myself, so I am assuming the city I was seeing was Los Angeles, but the houses and area really didn't look like the suburbs of Los Angeles. I am looking toward the city, and see that there are planes flying over the city. Others come out and join me in looking. Many of them have phones and/or cameras so they can take pictures and video. There are explosions in the city; I can't see bombs actually dropping, I'm too far away, probably 10+ miles. One exceptionally large plane (a B52 I believe, which are still in service) flies over; there is a very large explosion.

The others with me don't know what to do. I am thinking they'll be declaring Martial Law, will it really be possible to post any of these videos, they'll lock us down and confiscate anything we could show. The sense is that this is not an enemy attack; this is our own government attacking us. I start to head back to my house, which is near but a few roads over through the square road neighborhood setup, but wonder if there's any point.