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Full Version: mass firing
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10/05/2015 AM
No Intent
Mood: busy and tired
Location: Washington DC

I am standing in a hallway with a large bundle of folded letters. I have been assigned to pass these letters out to each head of each department of each of the alphabet agencies and to every person working in Congress. I am trying to figure out which office is next to receive these letters.

I had spent the last evening with a group of official helping to compose these letters and deciding just who would get them.

This is some of what they said:

Dear Sir/Madam:
This is your official notice that according to the new law you must dismiss all persons in your office, division or department other than one office manager, one secretary and one errand runner. You have until the end of the month to pass out your pink slips and write your letters of recommendation for your staff.
Your budget will be cut on the first day of this next month and you will need to also find a new office that follows the new regulations that have been instituted. You will be allowed to keep such furniture as needed to use in the new, smaller office. There will be no new furniture bought; you can use what you already have. Please let the communications office know where your phone needs to be set up.
As you should be aware all Government employees will now be required to follow the laws as they have been written the same as the general public. Please pick up a copy of the new rules and regulations booklets at the main door of Congress as it contains the method of dealing with any questions you may have and a contact numbers for the unemployed and soon to be unemployed.

Remember the people’s words: You’re Fired!”

There was more but I had handed a letter to a congress person and they were, red in the face, screaming at me about this whole thing.
The phone rang and woke me up.
That is an interesting dream. I was watching a well known u.s. Psychic this weekend on YouTube and he predicted that the two party system was going to be disappearing in the next few years along with Citizens United. He said that the citizens would revolt against a business run government and that seems to go along with what your dream is indicating. Also two of the top candidates for president aren't completely aligned with the party they are running under and are almost independents. Anyhow, your dream really reminds me of that.
Keep in mind we are still awaiting the perhaps-fabled-but-well-publicized "mass arrests" of the so-called cabal. This dream really rings a strong note along those lines.
I dreamed that the person taking over for Obama gets rid of everyone in congress but 13. H e gets permission to take over from evelyn rothschild(who's soul is that of one of the fallen angels) in exchange evelyn gets a reduced sentence in the abyss in order to let him take control...his mission is a lot like Moses and Josiah.