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Full Version: Cyber attack and financial crash
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Dream time: October 5th, 2015 during the morning.

Dream content: I was at the checkout line of a grocery store. The guy ahead of me picking up his bags was Mitt Romney and Steve Forbes (shifted between them). He looked rushed and implied he had inside information on a crash to happen soon, so was stocking up on emergency items and food. His time frame was somewhere inside a week.

Some dream time passed and then I was outside the grocery store. It was bedlam, with traffic jams and cars lined up at gas stations and grocery stores, people honking. Reminded me of a sudden hurricane evacuation or preparation. 

I went into a bar/restaurant and people were discussing what was happening. They said that a massive cyber attack had occurred on the financial system, investor confidence was shaken, stock market was crashing, banking system frozen, just general economic chaos. The attack was officially blamed on ISIS, but I knew that was a cover story. I then regretted not pulling cash out of the bank sooner, and tried to call my parents but the cell networks were overloaded.

In the corner of the restaurant were some well-informed financial guys in their 50s wearing suits. I asked them what would happen next. They said certain sectors would profit from this and listed off a bunch, and in a joking way said "security" several times in that list as if to say security firms and the police state apparatus were the primary beneficiaries, implying they were the orchestrators of this.

The subtext of the dream was that this cyber attack was serious, but that the financial crash wasn't any kind of society collapsing event. It was more a financial equivalent of 9/11, with a similar psychological, political, and societal impact. There would be recovery, but not without certain permanent changes made that restrict freedom and way of life.
Welcome to The National dream Center Metadream. Thank you for posting your dream with us, it is very descriptive and detailed. It seems that a few of our dreamers are having overlapping dreams in the past week or so. A large cyber attack would certainly create uncertainty.