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Full Version: Circuit Breaker Shock
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Sherriann is probably going to like this one. I dreamt it last night but didn't have enough time until now to enter it. The details are very hazy at best until the end of the dream...

I am driving in my vehicle, but I can't tell if this is my current truck or some other car. I am trying to steer the vehicle while periodically looking down at a set of circuit breakers where the stick shift would normally be. I'm troubleshooting it extensively. I am weaving in the road. Whatever the problem is, it appears to be getting worse. I wait for a straight stretch of road so that I can lean down and work on it. As my fingers move closer to the circuit breakers, I touch one of them and ZZZAAAAAPPPPP!!!!  I am literally jolted out of my sleep. I feel deep vibration in my hand and I audibly hear the slap on my hand from the electricity. I don't know what else happens because I am now wide awake. I immediately look around to see what if something around me could have alarmed me like this, and there was nothing. I swore that it felt and sounded just like I had been electrocuted. I couldn't believe that there was nothing around me to explain what I had experienced. The shock was VERY vivid, like profoundly real.
Heh! When my circuit breaker was slammed off, the sound of it and the blackout after was very real, too.

This is getting just a bit too freaky.
Yeah, I'm telling you it felt very real. I was totally freaked out when I woke up, because crickets were chirping....peaceful as it has ever been here. Craziness. There is no way the dream could have been caused by something in my real environment.