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Full Version: People on the move
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08 Oct 2015
No intention set

Another quick, short vignette of a dream: Masses of people walking somewhere. They're in a great crowd. Walking along roads amongst abandoned vehicles. Carrying bags, backpacks, whatever. Some people are on bicycles with small kiddie trailers attached to the back. Adults, children, all ages, all on the move. They're dressed in coats, jackets, clothing that indicates cool/cold weather. I'm walking with them but I'm not part of the procession. It's more like I'm taking in everything. No one speaks. At first I think I'm not hearing anything but then I hear the sound of hundreds, thousands, maybe more, of feet hitting pavement. I see flashing lights, like those on emergency vehicles, up ahead. The lights are moving, as if the vehicles are leading the way. There's stuff in the air, stuff swirling about. The light is dim, as if it's twilight or early morning. I don't know where they're going, why the vehicles were abandoned, or why they're walking. I move out of the procession to the side of the road and climb a small rise to see better. There are people as far as I can see in either direction, all walking to somewhere.

Mostly I felt confused because I had no clue what was happening and no context in which to even make an educated guess.
Might this be a result of a circuit breaker event?
You do not believe it is more of the now typical migration theme?
Are you ruling out snow?
(10-09-2015, 09:34 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Might this be a result of a circuit breaker event?

No idea. All I know is whatever happened, it caused a whole segment of population to just start walking.