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Full Version: Running from water
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I am in a foreign city. I'm travelling with many people. There is nowhere to stay. Hotels full. We are living on the streets. I am preparing to sleep on the sidewalk under an awning. Sleeping on blankets. It's night but lit by street lamps. I hear a sudden commotion, people screaming. I see people running down the road. I get up and move toward the street. People are everywhere running the same direction. I ask, "What is happening?", someone looks behind them and says "Katrina". I look down the street and see an enormous wall of water coming into the city. I warn the others on the sidewalk that we must go, hurry! I rush to gather my blankets and belongings and run. My blanket is very vivid, an unusual color of green with a repeating white star pattern. Then I am standing on a crowded dock waiting on a boat (to take me home I think).
There we go again.....wall of water meme is back in force. Any idea what geographical part of the world? Anything look weird, like people driving on the left side of the road or anything?
No idea where I was. Knew I was far from home. It was a city-scape with taller buildings but not really sky scrapers. The language I heard was English.
Could "Katrina" be a hint that you were in New Orleans? As in Hurricane Katrina?