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Full Version: 10-12-15 Shooting and Language Barrier
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I had a vague intention before going to sleep of getting some clarity on global events in the coming weeks.
This was a 2 layer dream.  For the first layer, I was on a college campus looking for a new dorm room. I saw 2 rooms and decided I liked the second one better, it was cleaner, brighter and felt like a better fit for me.
In the second layer, I am in a 2 story library or a student store. The stair case to the upstairs was indoors and opened to the main room.  There were shelves with books on them in the downstairs main part of the building.  I am upstairs in a room which has some theater style seating and some wooden tables and chairs. It reminds me a bit of an operating room observation deck,  and holds around 35-40 people.  There is a glass window which looks down over the library/bookstore but the glass is somewhat translucent and a sea foam blue. I can't clearly see through it.
We are waiting for the teacher to enter and  begin class. I am standing at a table facing the glass window which is 1 table removed from the closed door.  Suddenly there is a burst of noise as gunfire hits the window.  I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting hit with bullets until I realized the window was not only translucent but also bulletproof.  Multiple circles were visible in the light sea fooam tinted glass which was spider webbing but with the glass never shattering.
I looked to the door and noticed it was unlocked and urged  the girls  next to the door to lock it.  They looked to me and the door but didn't/couldn't.  I urgently told them to lock it again.  They were unable to do so.  I realized there might be a communication problem and jumped over the desk to get to the door. As I was trying to lock it, some people came running through the door and into the room  They were trying to escape the gunfire.  I knew the gunman was now walking up the staircase and was finally successfully in locking the door.  I looked around the room for the best place to hide and found a small space in the corner of the room with a black curtain, the width of a person.  I hid in the space, closed the black curtain and instantly noticed that when I closed it an overhead light popped on above the spot.  When I opened the curtain again  the light above me  turned off.  I had to decide whether to leave the curtain open and be visible or closed and not seen but my hiding place spotlighted.  I chose the light.  Because the curtain was closed, I could not see the rest of the room.  The gunman never entered but I stayed there in my spot. In the dream I eventually floated above the  scene. I could see both the room and down into the main floor below clearly.  The girl behind the curtain was the only one left in the room.  I could hear in the background authorities saying that they had accounted for everyone in the room except a young women who's stuff and ID remained in the classroom.  It was mentioned that a different missing woman, a Russian woman in her thirties (not me), had been found safe hiding in the countryside nearby. When I heard that, my thought was, "I am Russian too".  Then I woke up.

Notes-  In the dream, there was a language/communication issue.  I don't know if this college was in Russia or if there were foreign students in the class, some of whom spoke Russian.  I don't know if the 2 girls by the door were the foreigners or if "I" was the foreigner.  I don't know why the gunman did not make it to the room.  While  I know the woman hiding  was scared, I don't know why she never came out or why she wasn't found by police.  By the end of the scene, the light was off and the curtain closed. I felt that she still needed to be found.
Beside a shooting, a theme of not seeing things clearly and poor communication was noticed.  Also, it was interesting to note the contrast between a black curtain and spotlight.  
While this may have been day residue from the NAU shooting, I think there is more to it this dream.