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Full Version: Bad Water Dream
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2015 – 10.14.15 Bad Water Dream

My intention was to dream about any event that will affect the world as a whole.

Start of Dream: I find myself in a town. I am thinking I need to find bottled water that was bottled before the water went bad. I finally see people and am happy to know there are others alive. I talk with the people and go to their camp. Everyone’s time is spent finding clean water and food.

I and one other person go off to search for water. Then we see 2 people with guns looking in the windows of buildings. When I get a closer look they look like skeletons with a futuristic armor on them, then I realize they are machines. My first thought is to hide so I take us to a building where I know we won’t be found. While we are waiting for it to be safe outside I show my companion the hiding place and talk about how I stay here when needed. After a short while we leave the building.

While we are walking I am talking about traveling to different parts of the country to try and find a safe place to live. A car drives by filled with people who are from Missouri. They said they were looking for others to connect with. I tell them where the camp is and let them know we have been expecting them and they are welcome. They are happy and go on there way.

We are walking on a country road and see a house with children in front selling lemonade. I am suspicious and tell my companion not to go in the yard because it may be a trap. Then two adults come out of the house. One is holding a glass of water and wants us to drink it. My companion drinks and asks what is in the water. The woman says, it is herbs to make the water safe to drink. I am still suspicious and will not drink the water. The couple takes us into the house and shows us communication devises they are using to find other people who are still alive. They said they must test everyone to make sure they are ok and won’t tell anyone about the communication equipment. They then start talking with someone from Australia.

This next scene I find myself in what looks like a medical clinic of some sort. The people in there don’t seem to know the extent of what is happening. They keep talking about “when things get back to normal soon”. I am thinking, they have no idea of what is happening. At this point I said to someone that I need a sedative and I am not picky what type, just anything will do right now. A woman nurse walks with me to the pharmacy and says, the shelves have been picked clean. I told her, yes I know but maybe there is just a couple of valium on a shelf somewhere. The dream ends with me looking for what I can salvage from the pharmacy.
You can't do much without clean water can you?
Tonight I am going to try and dream about the herbs that were in the water.

(10-14-2015, 12:56 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]You can't do much without clean water can you?