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Full Version: Kitchen Blender Blades and Pet Rescue
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No Intent

1) I am standing looking across the length of a long work table in what appears to be a dark cavernous manufacturing/packing plant with banks of shelving along the walls and some large shiny square tin machine, perhaps a heating/HVAC unit, at the very back. There are no doors, windows or people. On the table to my left is a set of 6 or 8 of the same object placed in a square. There are a few of the same object scattered/overturned on the table. The objects look like kitchen blender blade setups.

2) I am watching a Pet Rescue game level being played. Two tiny figures, a male and a blond female, are being moved downwards as the blocks are removed until they are together at the bottom, ready to leave. They don't leave/release. Note: In Pet Rescue, the level isn't won until all the pets are maneuvered to the bottom where they are released.