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Full Version: Carnaval
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21st of October 2015

I had a bicycle. But then i moved on a unicycle through the street. From right to left. and it went a little down. It was dark, too. Then i took a curve to the right. 

Change of scene: It was carnival and it was to become Wednesday, but this time there was no carnival on wednesday, but again on thursday, if i would come on thursday, asked a woman. There were 2 women. And several people. Yes i would come. 

But as there was no carnival i could go collect Mushrooms, and i saw mushrooms in a forest.

Interpretation: I had a precognitive dream last year with a bicycle that came true on the 21st of October 2014 after 59 days which is after 2 Moon cycles. So bicycle. So i will be aware to see something of the dream one moon cycle after today which is on the 19th November. 

118 days or 4 moon cycles from today it will be carnival on the 16th February in Basel, my hometown. And on the thursday it will be the 120th day after today. I also have seen some dreams coming true after an amount of days dividable by 5. So it seems i should be awake until after midnight next carnivals wednesday, so i can be at the carnival at thursday.
Now I know why I've been seeing a hint of an accent in your posts. My great grandparents were from near Strasbourg so naturally, I'm part German and part French.
What struck me were the mushrooms.
They have powerful, magical healing power.
The cycles- wheels--> two-->one--> two
bicycle> unicycle> bicycle
wheels within wheels is a powerful vortex energy.