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Full Version: Passport Controll / and my Grandfather wanting to go to Carnival
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This are my dreams of the 22nd October 2015. 

I dreamt of that i am outside a house and some police comes and asked me about if i had my passport with me. I said yes in the hospedaje ( hostel- in spanish ). It seemed to me they were 2 chinese police men, both friendly. And in Dark green Uniforms.  They said it was not a hospedaje. which it also was not. It was apricot house. I just said it was a hospedaje because i did not have a better answer why i did not have my passport with me. So we went inside the house. They looked around but it was really more routine. They were interested about something that happened inside the house and they thought i might know something about what happened. So we were in a room that was beside another room that was on the left. And with me it was alright. But they wanted to know if i knew something of what has happened, and they asked me in a way of if i was fine. And then i said if i`d be honest… i knew something has happened, but it was more with other people who used to live there. 

Then my second dream short before waking up, was of my grandfather wanting to go down the stairs to the carnival. He had a suit put on as he almost always has, but then also a woman's muslim velour. It was like a robe that got until around the knees. The suit was dark, and the colors of the robe were in bright and dark colors, in black and white tones.  
I just walked up the stairs, and then my grandfather went in again. Ahmed was a word at this moment of a voice. 

I have just arrived and went up to the apartment of my grandparents.


I get sometimes controlled in the dream ( i once was in Prison ). But in the last dreams the police is mostly kind with me. They just come by and check what i do. or they want me to identify myself. 

then i dreamt of carnival yesterday, and today again. Interesting this time is i was not at the carnival, and was not at any time of the dream. My grandfather wanted to go. In the last dream it was clear that on the next day i would not go to carnival but i would do so on thursday.
I am also getting some help from my grandparents soon.