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Full Version: Map of Basel and Lugano
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23nd of October 2015,

I had various dreams tonight: i will will first post the one that has a connection with a dream i read here at the NDC. 

I dreamt of a map where Lugano is west next to Basel. I thought i could go to sleep then to basel, it is not far.

Then i also saw that the map was 3 dimensional and there basel was the highest place in Switzerland, which of course i thought in the dream is not possible. The Alps where grey, but lower than Basel. 

My interpretation:
That Lugano an Basel are close in my dream is that i live in Italy for now and when i travel to Basel i also travel through Lugano, the biggest city in Italian switzerland. So in MY map of my life Lugano and Basel are close. 

Then why in my Dream the Map showed Basel as the highest place in Switzerland: In the last i think 10 Years, in the last 5 years for sure, i only went up one hill in Switzerland, and this was to go to Bettingen, the highest Village in Basel. I didn`t know we had such a steep hill in Basel. The sun was shining, first i wanted to drive up by bike then i just pushed the Bike. So maybe again in my current map of Switzerland Basel is the Highest place.
George Ure and I have been talking about geographical anomalies in dreamland. I think it's much more than just saying that dreams are nonsense. There might be something bigger at play here, and it MIGHT all have to do with metaphor, but it doesn't have to. For example, maybe your subconscious was pointing you to Basel as of particular interest to you personally or a warning for the collective. Either way, thanks for the continued dreams!