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Full Version: missle attack dream
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Myself, my wife and my father in law were eating dinner when we heard all sorts of loud noise outside. Like a cross between thunder and a train off in the distance. it's getting louder and louder. I look outside, this window looks in the direction of the Pittsburgh airport. There is an enormous black cloud rising billowing up from the horizon and hundreds of tiny thin contrails descending towards the cloud. The noise increases and it seems to be entering the neighborhood and then there is a crash on the roof and what is a tiny, maybe 2 foot long 6 inch missile piece crashes out of the ceiling into the dining room. It's red hot and sets the carpet on fire. I grab the fire extinguisher from the other room, put out the fire and use BBQ tongs to toss it out into the yard. When I'm out on the porch I look over toward Pittsburgh and see a similar cloud but these contrails are bigger, and they split into multiple contrails forming cones on the way down.

Yes indeed....Yikes! Thanks for the dream, though!!
Thanks for the dream. Sometimes I think that we dream what the governments of the world are talking about. Like "what if" situations and how they would handle them.
a scary enough dream, but I have to say, excellent use of those BBQ tongs! I wish I could be that proactive in my dreams!