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Full Version: Any ideas? What does this mean?
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Hi there!
This is my very first post to share beyond my family and friends.  I woke up from my dream, not afraid. I remember in my dream, it was dark as being in a cave with this ultra white light, maybe 20ft tops in front of me with a royal blue aura, circular in shape. I had left there. It didnt occur to me until I was telling people of my dream that the royal blue aura was mine. Long story short, Ive had more in person blessings and miracles too just not sure where i can share those. Im not sick either. Can you explain to me what this may mean, please. Is it a dream? Thanks a million, dreaman earth angel?
Big welcome to ya, Islandchick! And yes, your dreams are welcome here, even if the dreamer has problems understanding them. Rule #1 in dreamwork: Only the dreamer can say with any certainty what their dream means to them. All of us readers can chime in, but we are merely projecting what your dream means to us....onto you. You then can either acknowledge or accept or deny anyone's ideas.

As far as this dream, it reminds of the work of Dr. Michael Newton who wrote extensively about his hypnotherapy work what he calls "Between Life Regressions." Anyway, many of his clients talked about the same phenomenon about soul energy colors, and the blue tints appear to be of the higher levels. I think Indigo might be the highest, at least in this octave (bringing in the Law of One material). As far as it's meaning, that might have to be felt from your intuition. Maybe your soul feels constrained since it was in the cave during the dream. Maybe it's seeking shelter for some reason. These are just ideas, and you can take whatever feels right to you (if any) and dispense with the rest.

Again welcome.