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Full Version: Toilet Seat Liner Dream 10.26.15 AM
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Last night I had a full night of dreams, mostly personal of me moving and making sure there was enough room for my pets.

This dream though was not personal so I thought I would post it here. Start of Dream: Dreamed that I was in a public restroom and when I walked into the stall, I looked down at the toilet seat as I usually do to check for cleanliness.  There was writing on the toilet seat, like graffiti you would normally see on the wall. The only word I remember was the word Love. I thought, I cannot believe someone wrote on the toilet seat. Then I noticed there was a toilet seat liner on the seat and the words were written on the liner, not the seat itself. When I tried to remove the liner it was lightly adhered to the seat sort of like cling wrap, so it was easy to remove. I thought, now that is a great idea because toilet seat liners don't always stay put on the seat correctly. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: In waking life I will not sit on a toilet seat without lining it, so I guess that goes for my dream life also.  Rolleyes