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Full Version: Aliens & Icebergs In Hawaii
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Date of the dream: 10/27/15, between 5am & 8am. I feel like there may be an earlier part to this dream, but don't recall it. Sometimes, I only remember the important parts of the dreams. Smaller details could be remembered later.

I'm in a tall, high-end decor building. Not sure why or where yet. I know that there is something going on outside, so I leave the building and it's night time.

[I now recognize where I am, which is across the street from the war museum at Ft. DeRussey in Waikiki, Oahu, HI. This building currently does not exist.]

People are running around frightened, some are shouting or screaming. Many are looking up, so I look up.. The stars look like they're moving around randomly, like meteors, but no tails (streaks of light behind them). They just look like points of light moving around... Then I see the lights moving together, like how flocks of birds fly together. In formation, then strategically. I'm standing there in awe. It's like the whole sky of stars just started moving around. Then I realize the danger. There's actually a fight going on up there, but I can't tell who's who. Who are the good guys and who are the bad?

All of a sudden 2 of them start to fall to Earth. One larger than the other. Neither of them "ours".

[As in nothing I've ever seen built before, but very "stealthy". They appeared to be built for speed, like jets, but for outer space. They reminded me of the shape of the alien ship from the movie "Starman", but much, much larger. The bigger one was a little more than half the size of the building I came out of. And as wide as the wing span of a large 747 plane, if not wider. It was made of a very shiny, almost mirror like metal. Very much like in the second Star Wars trilogy, Padme's Silver Hawk space jet. But the shape was completely different. The smaller one was similar, but it had gold colors in it, too.]

So we're running from what we think will be a large crash, but then they don't. It's like their noses and edges are so sharp, they stick into the ground, like knives do when they're thrown at the ground. And they go deep enough, that they don't tip over. So many of us stop to look at that. Then someone yells "Hey, look at that!".

We turn to look out over the ocean [we're on Ft. DeRussey Beach at this point] and see huge icebergs floating by. Most are the size of small islands, some further out were much larger. They appeared to glow blue in the full moon light. They were beautiful & frightening at the same time.

[At this point I thought to myself "Icebergs again? What's up with that?" And I immediately woke up after that].

This is now the third iceberg / alien dream I've had. I had one in January, but those "aliens" came out of the ocean. And they were telling us "This is all your fault", as they pointed out to the icebergs floating by.

I'm not sure when I dreamed the 2nd dream of the icebergs & aliens, as the past few months have been a blur, but I was still in Hawaii when I dreamed it.

That dream had me in a tall building that overlooked Honolulu Harbor. It was also night time & I was admiring the city lights. At one point, I noticed something in the water and realized they were huge icebergs. I remember being fearful because of the ships in the area. Even though I was high up, I could tell there was panic going on below.

Then I saw something in the sky that caught my eye. And saw what looked like all of the stars moving... Next thing I know, I'm riding in the back of a pick-up truck that my son-in-law is driving. We're heading out to a place with a better vantage point, as well as being darker. At first, they were neat to watch. Like the dream I just had, they were flying in formation, like a flock of birds. They made patterns in the sky. Everyone was awed; like watching fireworks in the night sky. There were ooo's & awwwws. But then something changed. Their positions became more militarized & strategic. They started swooping down and shooting at buildings, towers, important places. Then it seemed like a different "troop" showed up and were fighting the ones attacking us. It was difficult to tell who was who. And who were the good/bad guys. And none seemed like our guys. I remember telling my son-in-law, "We gotta go! We have to find cover!"... He said "Where?" And I told him one of the tunnels. I woke up before we reached a tunnel.

Anyways, I know we are supposed to only post one dream at a time here, but I didn't get a chance to post about the earlier dreams and I feel like they're related. I have to note that I've previously dreamed of a more developed Ft. DeRussey area before too. Buildings that I know do not exist there at the moment. So I'm going to check with some friends in the construction business to see if any construction projects are in the works for the area. Some MIB types were chasing my youngest daughter & I in that dream. And it has me wondering about a possible connection to another dream with MIB's in that one, too?
Amazing similarities to my recent dreams, IHM.
In looking up dream meanings, I came across one for the icebergs and it couldn't be more accurate!

Icebergs: "To dream of hitting an iceberg in your dream means that things have been rocky emotionally, or you sense they soon will be. It’s a good indication that, though there are obstacles to overcome, you’ll be all right if you look for the warning signs and process your emotions as they emerge."

I didn't hit icebergs in my dreams, but I was worried a ship would... As I had my first dream of icebergs in January 2015, I now feel that this was a warning of the rockiness in my life that was there and to come. Especially in regards to the business I had opened with a former friend. I ignored my instincts and ended up in a bad place.

Also - Ice: "Ice in a dream may symbolize your emotional state or someone else’s. Are you being given an icy reception? If you are in a tenuous situation, you could be skating on thin ice. In a sexual context, you could be acting coldly toward your partner (or vice versa). To dream of ice floating in a clear stream signifies an interruption of happiness. Ice is frozen water, so think about where your emotions can’t flow freely, and release the blocks."

This interpretation is very, very accurate in regards to my formal business partner and business. (No sexual relationships). And there has been a serious interruption of happiness since everything fell apart. As I have dreamed of ice/icebergs 3 times now, clearly, things have not improved much.
Holy Crap!!! Sorry for the language, but I just saw something that's really startled me!

We recorded the new X-Files premiere last night but we haven't watched it yet. Despite that I watched this YouTube video (spoiler alert!) to see what it had to say & show. If you haven't seen the show and plan to, don't read any further or watch the video.

It shows an "alien" ship that is almost exactly what I saw in my dream, only much smaller & not as shiny... I'm absolutely stunned!
Very cool! I have got to see the thing. I dreamed of an alien craft that was as big as a neighborhood block! Looking up at it gave me this feeling of looking at something so huge as the Grand Canyon and feeling overpowered. Wish I could recall the plot of the dream but man! I can remember that ginormous thing. (Is that even a word? LOL spell-check accepted it, poor thing, have my redneck ways rubbed-off on it?)

Just peeked, nope, I saw nothing like that and mine was not a pretty color. I like what you saw, way cool.
Oh, BTW, Mulder is still "eye candy" for a chick. oh my, he is aging gracefully.
Yes, I was thinking he's still looking pretty good, too! Lol