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Full Version: Convertible takes flight
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I'm with my boyfriend at our neighbor Bob's house. They are looking at Bob's new convertible, it reminds me of my old Sebring. Bob asks if we want to go for a ride, and my boyfriend says yes, and we both hop in the backseat. Bob is driving very fast, and next thing I know, we're heading for the Skyway bridge and I'm feeling very unsafe. I start to look for my seatbelt, and my boyfriend is telling me to relax and enjoy the ride. I think he's nuts, and I am now officially panicking and flailing around looking for the seatbelt. We get to the bottom of the Skyway and Bob floors it. As in, it feels like we are going to go airborn. I'm pushed against the back of the seat, and I think to myself "This is it" when I wake up.
Hmm. Interesting.
I wonder if this will tie into our "plane"event the botrun keeps referring to.
I can still feel the panic and force as I got shoved into the seatback. It was very physical, unlike most dreams. What a start to my day!
An "e" ticket ride, for those who remember Disneyland with tickets.
Read a story on Yahoo last night about a Mustang that went out of control and ended up atop a house. Woman inside heard a loud noise and when she checked, discovered the car sitting on her roof. There were pictures and I thought that was no way to treat a Mustang. Big Grin

I'd link to the story but I'm on my phone at the moment.