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Full Version: Mid-November
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Intent: More clarification re: Mid-November

I was given the dates September 27 and August 27, both 2015 and in that order.

These are the associated bots:

9-27-15: pleased worlds flower Taylor thanks class sun dude pack parking writing luck loose wow deck couch earth dream thank grey scenery shake say nope preparing railing cigarette lucid panic fake clown painted purpose up indicates dying dirt categories care fade

Waning: connected fighting secret star shoot couple gun nights worked spirit years September five view vision floating allowed band mouth continued theme imagine hot die bird fitness remove multiple bank wed quote wild lie bored pun

09-05-15: camera baseball jazz fighting fixing music proper crazy band tree vampire board silly play incredibly fri piece spoiler oracle must score caught connection window peaceful head demons up although happy mountain few intersection seated sky setting bob serious special left

Waning: bank action art broke child eating driver guest island bigger wow snake bus sexy yellow thanks ocean words towel scout powerful smooth stars yeah leader adventure cub beings devil explosion request nuclear foreign gas suggest

08-27-15: subliminal cruel abundance earliest killer pic lane non childhood dreams sing lucky laying wed free symbol mind style rex Japanese blonde language stuff example sight bottle hug far day while hey along driver arrive fades dangerous charge pier traffic part

Waning: gonna lay night riding son theme lots void including shoot prison clearly thanks bird simple threw figured believe caught blank higher tar portal closest request sickness plenty palace smoke wolf adventure guide mon island star
Oh dear god, are we missing the riddle all these months?
I think that back tracking through the Bots and dreams after something happens is the way we will learn to read the Bots.

Otherwise, this experiment of mine, like I like to call them, will either prove out, or not.

After reading George Ure's post this morning..... I decided to stick to my own and not traverse that trail although 'that trail' is also in the bot runs. I checked...

“Blow of Steel” = nuclear; gravity lines = tunnels; prophetic = Nostradamus re: GA Stewart; Wolf = Egypt; somehow, a child/children is/are involved in all of this, or will be.

And, nuclear has appeared 6 times since Aug 27.
YEAH- Egypt= many children died in that plane crash... too many.
Now Putin is availing nuclear preparation for the common folk in Russia according to an article I read yesterday.
Perhaps the jurassic event is a metaphor for a nuclear landscape after-the-fact.
lets hope not.
I still have my eyes on the world series or further out the stupid bowl in Feb. Those two have the largest audience
for awe and get a sinister message out.
I am still pondering the conflicting messages I am getting re: November 14, 2015 re: "Circuit Breaker Off".
Here is another one re: the first date of September 27's blood moon eclipse followed by the August 27 moon-mars hoax. Or is this telling me something else like pay attention to September 27's eclipse event and the Mars, the god of war, meme is a hoax.

A blood-red moon will dominate the sky Sunday night (September 27, 2015), delighting some sky watchers while leaving others in fear that the apocalypse is nigh.

The lunar eclipse and supermoon will happen simultaneously, an event the world hasn't seen in more than three decades. The last one was in 1982, according to NASA.

Earthlings who miss Sunday night's celestial show will have to wait about 18 years for their chance to catch another supermoon eclipse, which NASA calculates will return in 2033.

"That's rare because it's something an entire generation may not have seen," says NASA's Noah Pedro in a statement about the even


The Mars hoax was a hoax circulated by e-mail that began in 2002, that claimed that Mars would look as large as the full Moon to the naked eye on August 27, 2003. The hoax, which has since resurfaced every year from 2005 through 2015, began from a misinterpretation and exaggeration of a sentence in an e-mail message that reported the close encounter between Mars and the Earth in August 2003.