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Full Version: Realization of a Waking Dream
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Last thursday I was visited at home in the woods by a big red fox. He came pretty close to me , but not close enough to pet since at the time I had a scythe in hand clearing some brush in the woods where I currently live. The fox stopped and we locked gaze for a few minutes, then he deliberately went on his way. At the time I was a bit distracted from that days ongoing events of trying to fix my car's broken belts from that morning that had stranded me at home, forcing me to adapt and get the car issues resolved.

Today, I realise there was more to the fox encounter than I was aware of at the time. It was a waking cross-over from the shamanic realm and had all the feeling of being in the DreamTime, yet the normal dividing veil wasn't there. Browsing online today I came across some concepts that rang very true with my encounter:

Interesting note that in Persia the fox is said to guide the dead to the next life, and the old little dog belonging to my neighbour was taken to be put down due to long term illness on Saturday, then Sunday I get word that my Dad is not long for this world either.

Aside from that death guide aspect, just about every other aspect mentioned in the article applies to my current living scenario. Apparently I need to have a good look at my current scenario.

- the Fox giving Man fire: I got the Keshe blueprints in hand and am going to build a power and heating unit to keep us going through the winter.
- Fox urges us to develop the art of camouflage, invisibility, and shape animal of the between times and places: I'm definitely living in between time and multiple places, camouflaged pretty well, with the goal of invisibility so we can live in peace and quiet for once.
- Fox knows when the hounds will be out hunting...when we learn to detach from our surroundings observant...we will be able to anticipate and create the future: this definitely reflects the work here at NDC.