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No intent
11/03/2015 AM
Mood: crawly!

I was standing in a room with a group of people (I did not know them). We were looking at our skin and seeing tiny little bugs and tiny nits all over us. It made me think of lice! (They were not lice.) We were discussing how to get rid of them. There seemed to be no medicine or pest controlled product that would eliminate them. Cleaning did not clear them away. Everyone had the nits in their eyebrows and eyelashes. We could not get free of them. The whole world had them. We could not find the source of them, they just appeared and spread in the air.
They were light lime green with pale yellow wings and resembled a cross between a fly and an ant and very tiny. You could watch them crawl across your skin.
We tried every way we could think of to get rid of them but nothing worked. We began to play the blame game trying to figure out how this started. (conspiracy theories abound!)

Phone rang woke me up. I was expecting to find a crawly on me but there were none. Thank goodness!
It looked a little like this.
This smacks of biological weaponry... something I have considered for mid-November.
OOOOOO escholars- reminds me of lyme too. That has spread far and wide.
Those ixodes damini (deer tick) are so small
they are nearly invisible and crawl anywhere on you.
The one that got me was my right shoulder under my shirt
as I sat on my back deck talking to hubby. He pulled it off and sent it to the
lab at work.
Can't convince me that it wasn't bio-weapons back then either. I just wonder
what hot zone these are developed in these days.
Well why am I surprised as mosquitoes are now GMO'd.