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Full Version: Australia Dream, 11.5.15 AM
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Start of Dream: Dreamed I was in Australia, driving out to a farm I bought. When I arrived it was dusk so it was difficult to see much. I knew I had a neighbor that was close and saw him working on his land. I could not make out what he looked like. The next day people from neighboring farms all went into town. It was mail day and they would also do shopping if needed. Everyone waited for the mail in what looked like a train station/post office.

As I was waiting my neighbor came in and sat next to me. I introduced myself telling him I was his new neighbor. He said, yes I know who you are. He then walked over to a table and sat down with other people at the table. Then someone walked up to the table with a package, opened it and the people sitting were all taking sample of the product. I walked closer to see what it was and it looked like salmon. Everyone at the table was tasting this and the man selling it was happy to see everyone liked it. He was talking about getting more and asking people how much they wanted to buy.

For some reason I started focusing on the hands of the people sitting at the table. it was then that I noticed they were different. Their skin was a dark brown color and looked like shinny leather. The fingernail bed was large and seemed out of place for a human hand.

I then went back to where I had been sitting and started talking with people around me. One man with an American accent started walking with me asking me where did I come from. I told him the US, one of the southern states. He said yes, I know, near New Orleans. I said, about 150 miles from there and I asked him how he knew. He said he could read it on me. He then said that he was not crazy just because he knows things about people. I said, OK. He then said, I know they are trying to put me away but I won't let them.

My neighbor came back and sat with me. He said he would show me around and take me to the little zoo they had in the town. I said, thank you, that would be nice. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: The last time I thought about Australia was in prayer time a few days ago.
I have never been to Australia or know anyone there.
Australia is predicted by to have a terrorist activity soon. Also the US, both mentioned in your dream.
Ok, you hit a Spiritual nerve and my eyes teared up when I read what you wrote. I have to stop myself because I am at work and cannot have people asking questions. Thank you for the confirmation TB! Angel

(11-05-2015, 09:40 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]Australia is predicted by to have a terrorist activity soon. Also the US, both mentioned in your dream.