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Full Version: What's in the canisters?
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Scene 1: Two men are trying to fit three large coffee can size canisters into a blue cooler. They are frustrated because only two will fit and they had to leave one behind.

Scene 2: The two men are in a clearing in the bush. One, wearing casual khaki pants and a checkered red shirt, is standing over a small pile of wood ready to start a campfire. The other, wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt, is standing beside the cooler a safe distance from the soon to be fire. A thought was communicated about needing something to cook on and a small single burner propane camp stove top appeared in the cooler lid with a small propane bottle attached.

I can't remember what all came before that.....
I just wanted to make the note that 1) these canisters contained some kind of explosive material and that's why the cooler was being kept away from the fire, 2) the guy in the khaki pants was blond and the guy in the jeans had dark hair, and 3) I was confused as to who was wearing what coloured shirt when I went to post the dream. Didnt seem to matter so I colour coordinated them.
Really. How often does a person find news of steel cylinders being carried across the border in backpacks?

Middle Eastern Men Arrested Near Mexican Border with Steel Cylinders