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Full Version: San Diego
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Arghhhh! I kept dreaming about San Diego last night. Could be day residue of the Wedge Artisanal Cheese Festival link I posted in the bot run yesterday. But then, after I keep preaching that everything counts, I better post it here!

First, I kept thinking I had an ad to create and release to someone in San Diego, or to a San Diego publication. I would wake up, and then go back to sleep and be dreaming I was at work and see San Diego on a traffic report. This happened several times during the night.

Then I was dreaming that I was at a hotel in San Diego, and one wall was glass and showed a huge wall of water rushing by outside. Made me feel like I was moving, but someone told me that no, it was an illusion of moving because the water rushing by was a river. I kept looking at it and thinking that was impossible because of the force of the water.
Ah, another high-water-on-the-coast dream. I remember a very similar dream last year where someone in NYC was getting on the roof to evade the rising water levels.
Perhaps El Nino will cause issues for San Diego.