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Full Version: I get 4 Books
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14th of November 2015

I got 4 Books of a woman i like very much in a carton envelope. First there are 2 small books, and then a slim handwritten one. I can read something like the discoveries of the Sun and Stars according to Basel. There is another book in the envelope i did not see and also a letter.


I got several books from a man who lived in the same house as the woman i like on November 13th. 
Then on the November 14th I visited a Bookstoreopening of a woman who as i was a teenager took care of me and my sister. And as i was looking what books i could buy, i found 2 white books that i could write in, ( like dreams, discoveries of the sun and the stars, or also a diary ) a small notebook, and a calendar for the year 2016. 
If i see the possibility to fulfill a part of a dream, i give a lot of energy to do it.