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Full Version: Weather Object Dream 11.15.15 AM
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Intention: To dream about anything that will be a benefit to someone that reads it.

Start of Dream: I am with people that I have recently met. We are walking to a baseball sports complex to watch baseball. When we arrive I notice bleachers that are semi surrounded by stone walls. To the left is a wide walkway and beyond that are two restrooms. There are large trees on the property. I am thinking how much fun this will be.

Ahead of us beyond the sports complex, we see winds coming toward us. A person I am with says, oh no the high winds are coming. I tell everyone around me, don’t go near the restrooms, we need to get to the bleachers. We run to the bleachers and as soon as we get there, we hear a loud crack and see a tree near the restroom break and fall on the restroom.

The wind quickly passed and everyone came out from under the bleachers. Suddenly a hole opened in the sky and we saw an object fly toward us. I am not sure how to explain what I am seeing. It is silver and light, middle part looks solid but with glass windows so you can see yellow light inside. There are 3 parts, top, middle and bottom with each piece spinning in a different direction. There are many balls attached to this object. When it reached the middle of the sports complex, all the balls detached and flew in different directions. I hear someone say, oh good, now maybe they will be able to find out what is causing the high winds.

I want to go back in the direction I came from because I am buying a truck from someone. I can’t because the wind is there. Then I hear someone say, after they treat you at the hospital they will make sure to send you back where you came from. I’m in a hospital and see my ex-husband. He asks if I am ok, I tell him yes and he disappears. End of Dream.

Wake time: I wake up for about 10 minutes replaying the dream over and over again to remember it, then went back to sleep.

2nd Dream. Start of Dream: I am at the sports complex again trying to find the name of the complex. I can’t find the name of it. End of Dream.

3rd Dream. Start of dream: Suddenly I see the head of a woman. She is wearing what looks like a dark color helmet made of a thin material. The helmet has a clear visor at eye level. I thought about the object I saw at the complex. As soon as the thought was in my mind, data showed on the visor. I looked at her eyes and she smiled. End of dream.

Afterthoughts: I have no afterthoughts about this. It is what it is.