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Full Version: Snippets and Traveling Again
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My dreams, while they have returned, have taken on the form of vignettes, or snippets.

1. Traveling on foot with a large number of people on the highway. If there are vehicles, it's just small stuff like motorcycles. We are going north. It's neither hot nor cold, we are all just walking companionably, and talking as we walk.

2. I woke up thinking "Lecanto". Lecanto is a town in FL about 2 hours north of where I live.

3. I am in my screened lanai looking at a hanging basket. I call my boyfriend to come look at the "strawberry". It really looks like a raspberry, except the outside surface of the basket is raspberry textured. No berry shape, just this weird deformed thing. He asks me if I'm going to try it. That's when I turn and see I have a whole garden in my lanai, protected. Protected from what?

4. I look out my window and I can see my neighbors walking up a small hill in their backyard (that doesn't exist) and I know they are going to their family memorial.

5. My cell makes a pocket call to an old neighbor, and I can't get the stupid thing to shut off.

6. I am at work, but everyone is dressed really shabby, mismatched and inappropriate clothes. The office is furnished like that too.