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Full Version: bomb on parade
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This dream happened about a year and half ago. i came out of building and their was all these cartoon balloons or on floats. not sure if if was new york. then the sky went dark and the balloons floated away. Hopefully this does not happen.
(11-17-2015, 05:14 PM)Windy Wrote: [ -> ]i understand your train of thought. all thou this happened last year it recently popped in again. i believe whoever had this thought did not go thru and remained silent until now for what ever reason. people change their minds


I removed "Predictive" from this dream because this dream was not posted to the NDC a year and half ago, with a date stamp for that time frame. Most people do not use the "Came true or Predictive" drop down menu for their own dreams, this is generally a change that an Elder or a forum Modifier will make.

We do not get to create our own precognitive abilities in this fashion, just like Native American Indian's do not get to pick their own names, they are given to them by others in the tribe who see the person that they are every day.

It takes the group reading a dream with a date older than the news happened, and then others scoring or showing recognition for the fact that it happened before the news came out. This is why we feel it is so important to put all of your dreams into the dream base, and to add as much detail as possible, before the dream comes true so that others can validate your claims of precognition.

I hope this is helpful in understanding the system we use here at the NDC to give people's gifts credibility. As well, we use this information for the Dream Bot to show that it works at using peoples dreams to predict the future.
look at what i found. this is someone else s dream which loops in with mine last year. Mine ties in with parade and im guessing macy's thanksgiving.
Just came out. New York City Next ISIS Target.
“I was in NYC for a vacation and loud sirens like war time were glaring, and everyone ran for cover or to shelters. Black smoke appeared in the sky like funnel clouds and loud bomb sounds were heard. NYC was under some kind of attack-military or meteors. The bombs were deafening. I ran to a shelter in a basement to hide. Later after calm came over the city; New York City police instituted marshal law and arrested people for being in public.” (Vision -Mel Brake September 03, 2015)