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Full Version: Precognitive Dreams, Moon Cycles and Calendardates
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Dear Dreamers of the National Dream Center,

I am looking for People who want to take part in a study to Precognitive Dreams. I have noticed some Dream Rhythms with my dreams and also many dreams of the Dreambank of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

First i have noticed that i have many precognitive dreams. 

Then I have noticed that of what or whom I dream on a 24th of a month I can see on an other 24th of a month in the future. 

Or I dreamt of getting a room that has 2 rooms but in the second lives a woman on the 11th of April 2014. On the  1st of May 2014, I got a room in an apartment where a woman has a room, too. But she was seldom in the apartment. 
Then I got to sleep in an access room that led to a second room, where slept my sister and her boyfriend. 
Then a few days ago on the 11th of November i got a room again. This time it is only one room, but i share it with a woman, who is not here.    

That i got the first room on the 1st of May is 20 Days after the Dream. There is also a 5 day Rhythm in precognitive dreams. I will write about it in another thread.

Or I dreamt on the 24th of September 2012 of Mushrooms, and 6 calendermonths later I saw mushrooms in the grass in southamerica.
I have a long list with precognitive dreams that came true after an exact amount of calendermonths. 
Most of the dreams are from americans and swiss. I am looking for more precognitive dreams that came true after an exact amount of calendermonths. Great would be of other countries and cultures.
To see if you have dreams like this, you could just check all the dreams of the 17th tomorrow. And see what you will see during day time. And the dreams of other days of november too. And i think many people will read of something they have just seen in the last few days. 

There are also dreams that come true after an exact amount of moon cycles. so after 29 days, 59 days or 88 days. Others come true after 1/2 a moon cycle or 14 days, 1 1/2 moon cycle or 43 days, 3 1/2 moon cycles or 102 days…

Would be great to get some answers.

With the best regards

Lean Siegrist