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Full Version: If and how to show something
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18th November 2015

I was in a big house with people I knew, but I do not remember very much who they were, it seemed to me they were from another country, maybe hispanic. 

My friend louis was about to come, and the theme was if it was still bright enough to show him with daylight or if a light was needed. 
As he came, there was like an Easternest with several eggs inside. Louis asked me about them. And i was some sort of embarrassed. every egg had the significance of a child to be born. And I think 2 eggs were of chocolate with a spotted purple aluminum foil around them. There could be more then 3 other white eggs. 


In spanish embarazoso means embarrassed, embarazado means pregnant. Also today is my `birth`day. 
I visited my pregnant sister yesterday. The next Easter is in 130 days on the 27th March in the  Year 2016.
Happy Birthday, Lean! Smile