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Full Version: Dream of the Avenida Benavides in Lima Peru
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19th November 2015

Tonight I dreamt of the Avenida Benavides in Lima. I wanted to get there by bus and i was in Lima. 
We took many left turns. But i did not see the avenida Benavides in the dream.


As I woke up I remembered a Dream i had before of a particular house at the Avenida Benavides that when i was there looked like a crystal, but also like phallus statue. And the building had a lot of energy.  So today I went to google maps, and i searched for the building. Today it has a different color but, something called dream hunter is in the house. It is at the cross benavides/ los pines.
And it is in Miraflores. ( like looking at flowers )

More of the dream:

I also dreamt of a woman I gave many flowers. She had a shop and she had many customers, i was happy for her. She sold furniture and one piece was just sold by several people, like a family. At the entrance/exit there was a pile of toilet paper packets. I also slept there with other people she knew. I dreamt of caressing a woman, and it seemed the people who were around me noticed this. 
After i went on the bus and then i wanted to get to the avenida benavides. while in the bus i saw a building with flags in the wind. it seemed touristic.