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Full Version: President Putin,goldcoin,water vortex
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I was riding in the front seat passenger side of a fancy black car and President Vladimir Putin and some other Oriental male were in the back seat.Vladimir gave me a gold coin that had a hole in the center of it as a gift. I put the coin on my key chain but somehow it flew out the window and landed on some rock ledge by a body of water.This was located on a bridge where a lake was on one side and a dam on the otherside of the road. We stopped and got out and walked down the hill on the dam/river side.He told me and another woman whom I did not recognize to keep looking for for a circular spiral pattern in the water,we saw three such water circles spinning,small,medium,and a large one on the edge of the bank.Then we got back into the fancy black car and he gave me another trinket since I lost the gold coin.It was cubed shaped 3 times the size of a dice and was made of wood. When I opened it I discovered a few secret compartments that appeared to be biggger than this dice device was opened. I remember placing a half broken empty glass beer bottle into it and closing it back up.