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Full Version: Hubby's dream from his point of view
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11/19/2015 PM
No intent

Part 1) We were away from my home. All hell broke loose with people fighting and shooting. Martial law was declared. We called to check on our kids, two had come to my home because their apartment had been damaged and they were told to leave. They asked when we would be home and wife said "maybe 3 hours" I said more like sometime today because traffic was bumper to bumper with a lot of wrecks. I told my daughter where the weapons were and explained how to load and aim. Told them to close the curtains and keep the lights off.

part 2) All people had to have a place to live, have a job and be off the streets by dusk. All brown people were being rounded up, everyone had to prove their citizenship. A black neighbor's son had been arrested ( he had no ID and appeared to be Hispanic ). The neighbor came to get me to help him find his son, at the police station we were told that the boy had been released because they had found proof the he was black. As we were driving back we found him walking alongside the road.

part 3) There were about 20 family members now staying at my home. There was no electricity but we did have natural gas to run our generator. We were in lock down with the windows boarded up. Some members were complaining about me and the wife having a large room to ourselves while they all had to sleep on cots, floors and furniture and had no space of their own. I said "my f*** house, my f*!@* food, if you don't like it get the f*!@$# out!" My wife sent me outdoors to cool off. My Uncle said "Don't let them get to you they are just scared". I said "they should be glad they had food and a place to stay" . The wife calls me to come quick, my brother and (I think) my sister's boyfriend are fighting. we get them separated and the guy takes a swing at me. I wake up.

e's questions and his answers:
1) Were there soldiers on the streets? Yes, not constant but they did regular patrols.
2) Did they round up the homeless vets? No, because the active and former military men were helping them to find jobs and get a place to stay.
3) Did people come to the door begging? Yes
4) Did you share food? Yes to some no to others.
5) What time of year was it? I could not tell but it was mild weather.
6) Could you tell if it was local or all over the country? It was all over the country.
7) How did you know what was going on in other places? I watched the news and it was all bad everywhere.
8) Do you know why they were rounding up all those people? I don't remember hearing that.
8) Why do you think these people all came to you? I am the oldest, they always have known they could count on me and they can.
10) How do you feel about this dream? It made me wake up very tired.
11) Do you always remember your dreams? Not really.
esholars, I actually found this a very interesting read! I love your questions afterward. Unfortunately, the "mild weather" doesn't give us any hints about the time of year, because where I am is extremely mild weather, considering it's getting close to December and still relatively high temps. Thanks for posting.
I figured that since he was in Texas it could be any time! Think when it is 68 degrees here we are so cold and 78-85 is considered mild.
This reminds me of a dream I had a while back. I'm on my phone right now but I'll try to search it when I get access to my laptop later.

It wasn't a dream, it was a meditation:
It was the curfew and people being rounded up that reminded me of this meditation.
He had another one last night.
New dream: 11/21/2015 Am

This time he said we were at home when the girls arrived.
We had not been watching/listening to the news and we did not know that anything had happened.
They had been at the grocery store when they were told to leave as martial law had been declared and all the stores would be closing asap! They had gone to their house but there was no electricity and no food in the house so they came to us.
We had just done our yearly shopping and we have always said to come home if there was a situation like this.

He said there was a bunch of other stuff but he did not remember it.

e's questions and his answers:
Did you get a sense of when this takes place? Around this time (meaning now).
Did you hear why martial law was declared? No.
Are you worried about this happening to us? Nope! If it happens we will deal with it if it doesn't we will be fine. Whatever happens we will be together.

PS: I think this guy is a keeper!
For 2 days he has been dreaming this, today is his birthday, what a gift for him.
Definitely a keeper!

Dunno about anyone else but I tend to pay attention when I start having sequential dreams.
I wonder if this is what his dream was about.  Crimea is without power.  There have been many Russia dreams lately as well.

Crimea has been plunged into darkness after pylons carrying power lines which supply electricity from Ukraine were reportedly blown up on Saturday night.
All four power lines were cut, reports said, leaving the region's two million inhabitants without electricity.
Images circulated on social media appeared to show Ukrainian flags attached to the damaged pylons.
Crimea was annexed by Russia last year, but the Ukrainian authorities have continued to supply power to the area.
Crimean authorities said they had managed to partially reconnect the cities of Simferopol, Yalta and Saky using generators.

Mikhail Sheremet, Crimea's deputy prime minister, said the peninsula's hospitals had backup power sources and would not be affected.
The Crimean Emergencies Ministry has declared a state of emergency and put rescue teams on high alert.
This resonates some also with a person "Cryptic Little Sister" who had been posting on Greg Hunter's USAWatchdog site before she was unfortunately banned.  (While I respect Greg's right as moderator, it was still unfortunate.)  CLS started posting in August, and everyone on the site wondered who she was (and she never revealed if she was a man or woman, but I always sensed she was a woman).  We all thought she had "inside information" to the coming economic collapse worldwide, but it became clear to me the longer she posted, that she was simply a seer, dreamer, probably someone who would have found a better niche here!  In any event, her repeated warning was that the collapse would occur AFTER Obama signs the NDAA (annual defense appropriations).  Well, as you may know, the initial 2016 NDAA passed the Congress, and was vetoed by Obama.  People started heckling her as a false prophet, but I quickly had to warn them: she never said WHEN he would sign it, just that he would sign it, and then the next day, all hell would break loose.  (The correlation between the NDAA and economic collapse, she never explained, and maybe she didn't really know either ... she was simply reporting her vision.)

Fast forward to now, the revised NDAA did finally pass Congress, and was sent to Obama this past Tuesday.  He has ten days to sign the bill, and the WH has already said, he will sign it, despite his continued disagreements with Congress over closing GB, Cuba.  Obama is currently overseas, scheduled to return to Washington this Tuesday (Nov. 24th).  The ten days expire on Friday.  US markets are closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving, but will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday as normal.  Of course, worldwide markets will be transacted on Thursday.

My own sense is that the NDAA is key to the elites' plans for the upcoming New World Order.  Defense appropriations, which are integral to the US military-industrial complex, have never been held up for any of the stop gaps measures, government shut downs, omnibus bills, etc.  The defense always gets their money!  If a collapse then occurs, martial law will have to be implemented in the US, as rioting and violence will surely begin in the inner cities and spread elsewhere.  It will have to be contained, and contained quickly.  FEMA has been preparing for just such an event for years, be it economic collapse, EMP attack, catastrophic earthquake splitting the US, you name it.  No matter if the government shuts down, Obama can order that essential services remain functioning, and FEMA would be included in that.  And the military would be necessary to maintain order and control.
Would be a good time to slide something through that wouldn't get much media coverage or public attention, what with everyone's attention on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
Esholars: Thanks for sharing the hubby's "gifts" with us! Obviously, something is trying to come through, some warning it seems.

NH Watcher: Fantastic contribution!