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Full Version: I meet a Friend i haven`t seen in a while
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22nd November 2015:

I am in Switzerland and i see a german woman (who works for a Human Rights NGO ), I actually know from Italy. A younger woman I see only from behind seems to help her. In the Dream it is clear that I see her for the 2nd time. It is daytime.
They walk in a room and i follow them. My Sister, sitting at the left side at the bar, who lives at the Gärtnerstrasse ( Gardenerstreet), some other people and my Friend Sebastian ( lives on the Same Block as my sister, but on the acre street ) who i know from primary school, and is a gardener, are there, too. Sebastian stands behind the Bar and on the right side in the Dream. I sit at the right side of the Bar, and between me and my sister other people are sitting at the bar. There is a dim widespread, comfortable, indirect light in the room. 
I get a beer and i leave a stone on the bartable. I soon leave, i don`t know why. 
As i am outside i see Sebastian again, this time talking with another man. I sort of lean against his leg, so he notices me and I say it is nice to see him again. I remember that i wanted to see him on the last carnival in Basel but he did not answer the phone nor did he call back. 
He said if i needed work and if i could clean plants. But he said it in a tone as if i greeted him to get work, which i did not. He said i could have drunk the beer at the bar and taken the beige tone colored stone with me. 


on the 21st of November i went to see a movie about Taxevasion ( Human Rights ), with 2 girlfriends of my Sister in a Cinema. 
As i walked out i met another friend Sebastian from Primary school. On the very same day i actually ment to go to visit his twin brother 
who owns a Solarpanel company and ask him for work. Sebastian told me, that for now he also works for his brother. So i asked him how it looks with work. He gave the Number of his Twinbrother so i could call him. 

The Sebastian i met in the dream i associate with my father when i dream of him. I did not go to drink a beer where i usually like to go on saturdays. 

3 days ago on the 19th November I also met a man i know since my kindergarden days, he was also talking to a man he knew, and we had a talk about father and son relations.