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Full Version: I am riding a bicycle
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22nd November 2015

This dream i had in the morning as it was already day.
I rode a bike and through the city of Basel in Switzerland. I reached the Freie Strasse ( Freedom Street ), and i saw a police woman. It is actually not allowed to drive through the Freie Strasse because it is in a pedestrians zone. But the Police woman lets me go. I turn left and then to the right and it not anymore an area i know, just an asphalted way with pedestrians. Then i turn right for about 2 meters again, and then left and the way goes slightly downwards. Then i woke up.

I think it is a nice dream to think about the directions i make as i drive my bike in the dream. 
I am sure the moving directions of the people in the dream have a message we might can learn something about. 


I watched a movie about tax evasions yesterday ( in german tax means steer ), I also got a message about a bike i wanted to barter for 6 beers. If i get it without paying money, but instead in exchange for something, it might be a tax evasion… But it is alright, the police woman lets me go.