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Full Version: US Military and Chaos
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I had some dreams that were disturbing in nature. When I woke up I said to myself there's a disturbance in the force. Now I don’t remember the first dream that prompted this feeling. However, one dream was about the military and I'm pretty sure I saw FEMA had closed the borders of Williamson County (I don’t live there now) and I was with someone and I told them how they had done this once before and it was no point trying different roads because they would have blocked all of the roads including the gravel roads that go in or out of the county. Then I was able to walk through the gate at one point and there was nobody there. I had gone up with intention of challenging them to tell them it was an unconstitutional act. The sheriff was there. He seemed very distraught. I told him that he had the power to put a stop to this. There were some squabbles going on amongst some different groups and it seemed like it was a period of general chaos. I remember seeing a couple guys that appeared to be dressed up in some kind of Native American war masks, almost demon-like. The persons underneath appeared to be mestizo in heritage. They look like pretty rough characters.

On a further military theme I was lined up in a lane of traffic going over a bridge and I think it was the Colorado River in the Bastrop, Texas area. I noticed the left lane was open and I was able to pass by quickly. Turned out it was just a bunch of military vehicles lined up and waiting to turn right into a military facility. Someone said something about Fort Hood. I said they should have had a sign on the last vehicle. That they did not would indicate it was not a planned event.