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Full Version: Baby Hybrid & Experiments Dreams
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11.23.15 AM.
Dreamed I was in what looked like a class room, like a science lab. There were 5 or 6 people and 1 professor. The professor was measuring out a liquid that looked like whiskey. As he was handing it to a man in the group, he said, we are going to see if this will effect his cognitive abilities. I thought, oh no, I am not drinking any alcohol, it will upset my liver because my enzymes don't process alcohol. I quietly back out of the room.

The next scene I am standing next to a baby who looks to be about 1 year in age, he is sitting on a table. The baby has no hair and has white (paper white) color skin. When I kissed him on the head I noticed the color of his skin changed to a bluish color and then it went back to white. The baby started crying so I asked the person that was taking care of him why is he crying. She said, his skin is very sensitive to touch, we are working on the issue.

The next scene I am walking in a hallway with another woman and we are talking. Up ahead of us I see a wall with multiple doors. I ask her if she is going my way and she says no I need to go ____________.
I go through a door to my left and see I am in an area with a lot of people. There is one man that is small, about 3 or 4 ft. tall. He is acting funny so I ask the person next to me what is he doing? They said he is trying to lighten everyone's mood and he smiles.

Afterthoughts: This place had the feel of both a science lab and a university. Even though I couldn't see everything, I could feel lots of activity going on. This place is huge.