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Full Version: Antarctica
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This is just a dream about a place. Can't say anything super interesting was happening.

This is actually the second time I have dreamed about the same place.

The first dream was some time ago. All I recalled of it was a snippet of the dream. I was at an American base in Antarctica. But it was not just a bunch of Quonset huts out top of the ice. There was a road along a kind of river or channel or something. One side closest to the water had a big rail. The other side there was a strip of grass and a sort of sunken cylindrical hole in the ground with a big tree in it. I took the sunken part to be something to protect the tree from the cold. Behind the strip of grass was a big institutional type building such as would have been built in the 50s or 60s. I was sort of standing on the corner of another street looking at this. I saw a Jeep like from M*A*S*H* parked on the side of the road, but no people around.

So anyway, last night I had a dream that I was back in the same area, but it must have been later. It seemed like the present time, whereas maybe the old one was in the past or something.

Anyway, it started out looking at almost the same scene. The rail on the far side of the road was gone, and there was a kind of a narrow beach. Beyond that was some water, and then a kind of sand bar or spit, which I suppose would have been the far side of what looked like a channel in the earlier dream.

I was standing a little further down the intersecting street this time. I turned around and there was what looked almost like an old fashioned road in the center of town. One side of the road had a bunch of buildings all hard up against each other with big shop type windows, and doors here and there. they all appeared to be abandoned.

On the other side of the road, the land appeared to go up very steeply. Almost directly behind me were about 8 or 10 broad steps up from the sidewalk I was standing on. At the top of the steps was a big building. I can't remember what it said on it. It started with an 'H'. Something written in English. Below that was a sign off to one side in Russian, which I knew to be identifying a Russian church or chapel in the building somehow, in dream fashion. This was an area to the left part of the building. The rest of the building was supposed to be affiliated with some university, possibly like some kind of field program or summer program.

I walked up the hill behind this building and there was a grassy area that came to almost a short cliff. It seemed the road along the waterfront ended just after the intersection with this other road that went through 'the center of town'. There were about a dozen young people, maybe college aged, listening to someone talk.

I went back to the university building, and saw someone inside the chapel part. They directed me to another building down the street. When I was going back down the steps, I noticed there was a step with a bunch of impression of mens shoes with squared off toes. I had the impression it was a place where maybe a bunch of graduates had stood in front of the school or something. They were only lightly impressed into the cement. I was wondering how they had come to be there, if someone had put them there on purpose, or if it was really from people standing in the cement before it was dry.

I went down the street, which curved around a little bit, and into a building. Inside it was like a student union, or a mall, or something like that.

There was a kind of cafeteria or food court, some long halls curving around corners, etc. There was something that billed itself as a local history museum. I went inside and it just had some kids toys and pretend ships and things. There may have been more to it. But I went back out. Everything was in Russia and Korean. I got a call on my phone and I said, 'Wow, I even get cell phone reception here.'

Somehow I knew that this town, the logistics were being handled by Koreans, but it was overall under the direction of the Russians. Whatever the work was supposed to be here, it had been taken over by the Russians from the Americans. There were some American observers here apparently still, but they weren't in charge.

Then I was outside in a car going down this same road kind of 'out of town'. We came to the end of the road and there was a 'T' intersection. In front of us were some kind of low hills that were all covered with big tractor tires. The ones that are like 6 or 8 feet in diameter. In one direction the road stretch off away from the water around a corner.

On the level ground before the tires were some straggling plants that looked like wild sun flower, and there were some fruiting plants that looked somewhat like blackberries. I remember thinking at first that the Americans had left a huge mess here, with all these tires piled up. But then I realized they had all been placed there to absorb heat from the sun and make the area a little warmer. Going right at the 'T' intersection you would approach a harbor.

So the lay out was kind of like a capital 'I' or possibly a capital 'A'. It was a little chilly, but not freezing. Apparently it was warm enough for grass and some flowers to grow.

I don't know what the 'point' of the dream was supposed to be. But it was very clear it was supposed to be in Antarctica.
Did you answer the phone? If so, do you remember the conversation?
(11-24-2015, 01:11 PM)DLP Wrote: [ -> ]Did you answer the phone? If so, do you remember the conversation?

I am not sure if it was a text message r something. I didn't answer, just saw that it appeared to be active and receiving.
Thanks. I was just curious. Smile