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Full Version: Dream of a Father and son journey
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28th November 2015

A Father and his son wanted to travel, but it was in a roman time. The Travel was in a soup pot and was supposed to be either for roman warriors or women. They were neither but they decided to go anyway, and hoped to come through. The travel was from central europe to spain.

It was like this that when the licuid would be less the roamnwarriors might see they are not roamn warriors as well.
There was also a party and dancing going on, drugs were a theme. i thought they should take it calm, and then they might learn something about themselves.


I am travelling to Italy today, and actually i wanted to travel to italy with my father, but then he wanted to travel exactly on a date i have decided to go to the movies with my sister, so then i could not go. He then intereferred that i mkight do not go to the movies so i go with him to italy. This then i did not like and even though my sister would not go to the movie, i decided to go anyway, beacause i think when something is said it should be done; too. My father said he wanted to go with me in november to italy and there were other days we could go. But he then decided not to come with me. So now i travel with another man.

The connection with the roamns is that my father lives at a place called Kastel and i wanted to travel with him to a roman castrum in scotland. But the travel to the date did not prospere, and this was a reason he really wanted to travel with me. My father also made once a travel to italy with all the women of the family. I was not with him on that travel. And maybe the travel goes to spain because instead of a 10 day trip, it will be a 5 day trip, for that i am soon in Basel again to see my friend Louis who normally lived in Spain.