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Full Version: Dream Of Scorpions on the Street
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5th of December 2015

I dreamt of me and an envelope with photos in it. Then of my sister and a woman i like. They were left and in the nature. I went up on the street. I walked left and i saw many scorpions moving from left to the right on the street.
there were supposed to come other animals as well.
I called my sister if she would come, in hope the woman i like would come as well.


Yesterday i saw a man who is selling cameras, he visited as i was filling envelopes with catalogues. Aand later in the evening i saw my aunt Barbara on the St. Barbara Day, who wanted to make a horoscope of me. I have sent her en envelope with pumpkin seeds in it. We met on the street, and she told me that she has my horoscope ready. The meeting was connected with another dream where i was supposed to meet someone on the 4th of December.
I am a scorpion. So it could be seen that i meet scorpions on the street.
On the 5th of December me and my sister went to eat and we talked about going to swim on the 6th of december. After swimming with my sister i saw the woman I like and I saw in the dream.
Follow your dreams message and a dream can come true.