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Full Version: 12-5-15 Camping and a Yellowstone Buffalo
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I had no intention when I had this dream today.
I was traveling with some high school band families near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We had a purpose for being there, some sort of event. We met some other people near us who were there for a dance event. I would assume our purpose for traveling was band related. We were getting reading to leave the outdoor valley meadow and trail area we were at and travel down the road to a campsite close to Yellowstone. Some members of our group had already traveled ahead to secure our camping spots so I was only mildly stressed about finding a place to camp. It was late afternoon. The sun was in the valley meadow and felt warm as the day was crisp. As we began our journey to the new camping site, blue grey shadows were cast along the base of the mountains and long the road which wound between the mountains.
We soon found our friends. The day was getting colder and would end soon. We were taken to a semi permanent tent building complex. It was warm inside as we entered a small restaurant . Inside my name was called and a friend I had worked with at a camp many years ago happened to find me. She hugged me and began to cry, It was a happy surprise for us both.
Soon I found our other group members and discovered we had not 3 campsites but 3 small canvas rooms attached to each other to share. We had more than 3 families so this was going to be a tight fit. I went outside and dusk was settling over the land. I noticed not far in the distance a mountain in Yellowstone Park. As the last part of the sun was setting and the grey was turning darker, a buffalo stood at the tip of the mountain. He had a small spotlight on him as he looked side to side across the valley floor in front of him with a sense of pride. This was his land. The image was similar to watching him in a zoom lens . He reminded me of a buffalo nickel. I asked one of our parent camping friends how long we were going to be able to stay here and he answered that we were leaving tomorrow. I felt sad and longed to stay.

This is an unusual dream for me. I did not wake up remembering ( not that I remember most of my dreams). Instead, I saw 3 words pop up in my Facebook newsfeed this morning. What I saw was bison, culling and Yellowstone. I did not read the article but my dream from this morning jumped right back into my head as soon as I read those 3 words. Here are 2 recent articles about Yellowstone Bison culling which will take place sometime this winter. I did not read the articles until I searched for them after recording my dream. They were written in November. I could not find the Facebook article which I searched for after recording the dream. I do not actually know what it said except for the words I mentioned.

It would seem that the sun is setting on a large amount of bison in Yellowstone.
Ok, I found the reference I saw this morning to which trigger me remembering my dream. It was not a facebook post, it was the subject line in an email I was send at 8:40 this morning. This was at around the time I was actually having the dream. It was a petition from about the Bison slaughter in Yellowstone. Add this to the dreambot run today. I believe a huge part of the run overlapped with my dream.