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Full Version: Suitcase bomb, 12 and 27
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No intention for this dream.

In my dream, I believe I am in a hospital. I have a rolling suitcase; the top of the bag has an electronic setup sticking up. There is a lady that is trying to get the suitcase from me; I don't know why but I know she is a spy. A nurse comes out of a door, and tells me to go to emergency setting 12. I don't know why, but I realize that this nurse is working with the other lady; I make sure to change the setting on on the back of the electronic section at the top to 27, knowing that this means they won't be able to communicate with the device. I make out to move around in the hospital, going up and down floors. In one room, there is man who I also take to be a spy; he notes the suitcase, and says "I see you have brought this to me so I can disarm it". He walks away without doing anything.

The first lady is still following me to get the suitcase. I decide I will change the software by adding in random characters at spots, so the code won't load if they try to because it will have numerous compilation errors, and will also give them checksum errors so the failsafes will fail.

There is liquid that is leaking out of the bottom of the suitcase as I move on.
programmable goo. have you heard of it? did you see "Lucy"?