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Full Version: Disappearing People
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Last night's dream was about a news cast where they were reporting on the phenomenon of people disappearing on camera - they showed two clips from security cameras. The first was a guy sitting in a booth at a restaurant; he's sitting and talking and just fades away. The second scene is a hallway with a number of people walking and standing around; a judge in robes is talking to a person, turns and walks down the hallway back to the camera and as he walks he fades away and disappears.
I take from this that keeping one's health and vibration high as possible at all times is very important. Certain animals can see things we can't see because their eyes and sensory organs work on a different frequency. The people fading away in this doesn't feel like dying or disappearing, but rather changing frequencies. I'm very interested in this dream. Thank you!
when they fade away they just vanish? or do they give any indication at all that they are about to vanish? like maybe they sort of become transparent first or take on an aura of color?