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Full Version: deception
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sometime in October

my daughters boyfriend is not who he says. he's a murderer. I saw what he did. I saw in his mind what he was going to do. hes a fraud. we all know he is a sweetheart. he would never hurt anyone. but I saw. he is going to kill thousands of people and she wont believe its him. then he will kill her. she wont listen to me.
Still, I recommend doing some further incubations to better refine the information, maybe even verify it. Are you convinced that this dream is real, or perhaps just your subconscious opinion of this man? Don't get me wrong...I'm definitely not challenging you, just want to make sure you're getting the clearest picture here.
I think he is a representation of someone or a group of someones. poor boyfriend - I haven't even met him yet, but he and daughter have been friends for years before starting to recently date.

I don't what may brain could've been doing when it chose this boyfriend to pick on, but I woke up in tears and texted my daughter in the middle of the night to see if she was ok.

sorry, I should've clarified that in the original post Big Grin

but whoever the BF represents is real. and he is trouble with a capital T. I will try to get more info about him.
my oldest doesn't live at home anymore. the others are still pretty little - well the 15 y/o just hit a growth spurt over the summer and shes not really little anymore,lol...and everything else you just said is accurate Smile