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Full Version: dates that i have seen part 2
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some dates already passed that I saw

nov 5
nov 11
nov 20-22
dec 8
dec 11-12

and now

dec 16
dec 21-22
dec 24-25
jan 11
jan 22
jan 24

in regards to dec 16...

in the dream I saw 3 men. they were shopping, but they were shopping for people. they needed the perfect ones. they found a store where they could find just the right people they were looking for. then I saw a fire. there was so much smoke and people were screaming.

in regards to dec 21-22

in the dream I saw ships sailing to a shore. 1000 ships full of people. thousands and thousands of people. they got off on the beaches and they were like ants

in regards to jan 24

in the dream it was like it was spring. it was warm and sunny. birds were singing. suddenly a storm came in. the sky went dark. the temperature dropped instantly by about 60 degrees and it started snowing. I saw a goat run into the snow and start building a snow man.
Still, as you've seen these dates over the course of your life, would it be true to say these dates don't necessarily involve your own life at all, and quite possibly, you may then see a date or dates which will be after your earthly life has passed?

The three dreams you had in reference to these dates speak to me of imminent terrorist attacks, either in the US or elsewhere.  I have read recently that terrorists are specifically targeting places without a high presence of guns (such as shopping malls or schools).  Your first dream seems to imply terrorists searching for just the right venue, in order to have the most casualties.  The second dream could be about the current refugee crisis affecting many nations (including the US), or also, a pending invasion of a nation (such as the US) ... those getting off the ships then would be soldiers, much like years past in storming the beaches of Normandy.  The third dream may possibly be referring to this year's unseasonably warm temps for fall/winter; in many parts of the US, which last year already had much snow and ice, it certainly feels like spring.  Whether TPTB are manipulating the weather to their own ends, or the spring-like weather is another sign of Biblical prophecy unfolding.
Watcher, indeed most of the date dreams don't show something expressly regarding my personal life. and I believe that my purpose is to warn people what is to come. I believe that some of the things I have seen could happen after I have left earth. many people have differing beliefs about a "rapture" as believers in Jesus or an "ascendance",etc, wherein their human bodies are changed and leave this earth. most of what ive seen I believe will happen just prior to people leaving this earth suit (flesh Big Grin )
im gonna put this here. these are things that i have seen coming. somewhere in the forum i thought i had posted these but now i cant find them.

i saw 2 massive earthquakes over the states of Washington and Oregon including the coastal area.
i saw 2 massive earthquakes over the northern Russian peninsula called Kamchatka out into the Aleutian islands.
i saw a tsunami in an island-like setting...beach, palm trees. like florida, california or Hawaii.
i saw government medical/scientific employees creating and implementing disease that changes human DNA
i saw martial law implemented with people being rounded up and executed.

i may add more as i look through my posts
I am trying to guess where to help you look for these...earthquake in Washington and Oregon, tsunami in a place with palm trees, etc.

Since you are having trouble finding them I am suspecting some of your posts are not in a dream thread/section? Maybe when others were talking of tsunami or wave, you put your report there? Sigh....
thank you nanny. i have been reading through my posts. i just want to make sure i have put all these warnings in the forum. maybe here is just as good a place as wherever they are currently...nicely compiled and concise. i should probably come up with a better titling system for future dreams i guess Smile
thanks again for helping me look
A large enough quake in Russia/Aleutian Islands or on the West Coast could certainly be catastrophic for Hawaii in the right conditions. Many people in the islands have been dreaming of "walls of black water", tsunamis, and devastation for years now and it seems to be increasing.

I've had my own dreams in the past about Oahu being devastated, but I never saw what caused it. I only saw everything after everything was re-built. I can tell you though, large chucks of land masses are gone. Waikiki Beach, Downtown, the current airport, and more. It's all ocean. Most of Diamond Head is in the ocean, too. I initially thought it was a tsunami that changed Oahu, until I saw the final dream. Then I realized it had to be something more. It has to be a major quake and/or a major landslide.

I read an geographical study article a few months back that discussed how all of the islands "sloughs" off huge chunks of the land every so many thousand years. One that went off of Oahu was the size of Manhattan. The islands are over due for another "sloughing" and everyone thinks it will come from the Big Island. I disagree. The scientists have shown that due to the sloughing off, huge 1000 ft mega-tsunami waves could be created from it and it would wash over the other islands. They proved that one completely covered Lanai once. It was also noted that these landslides almost always occurred during the hottest years of climate change that caused rising ocean levels (which we are currently experiencing now). The islands are made of porous rock and when the ocean levels heat and rise, they soak into the land. Essentially causing them to soften and become spongy. With the right conditions, enough rainfall, and possibly add a large enough earthquake and you can have some serious land slippage.

The fact that Honolulu went and buried itself in heavy concrete buildings and they are in a building surge right now - in about 15 years, they will have added 22+ new buildings to the downtown (Kaka'ako) area alone - doesn't help matters. After a dream I had some years ago that showed me large cracks in the roads/sinkholes on Oahu's streets, with someone yelling that we need to pay more attention to the water main breakages on Oahu, I actually started to. Oahu averages 350-400 water main breaks a year. It is well known that the mains are aging and the earthquake that occurred in 2006 didn't help either, but these breaks are happening in the Honolulu side mostly. A few are around other areas of the island, but Honolulu mostly. You would think that if it really was all about "aging plumbing", then why isn't it occurring all over the island? Some of these breaks occur at several locations in the same day.

I believe that there will a huge landslide and possibly an earthquake event that will eventually hit the islands, more so on Oahu. There will be a tsunami. And many, many people will lose their lives because of it... Also, based off of what I saw in my dream, everything was already rebuilt and established. A new zoo and everything. That takes years to do and years to recover from the devastation. I looked to be about 70 or so in the dream and that is less than 20 years from now. There were teenage grandchildren in the dream that aren't born yet. I saw how old my daughters were - the eldest was in her 50's, maybe. These dreams started in the mid 90's for me and finished in 2010. I saw my future son-in-laws in my dreams in the 90's. My daughters are married to them now... So people can't tell me what I believe I know. This is going to happen and it will happen soon. New building construction can take up to 10 yrs. Clearing the debris from a major catastrophe can add another 5 years or less. The landscaping I saw in the dreams was grown in for the new buildings and housing - add another 5 years for that... Do the math.
Still, any dates beyond Jan 24? Specifically, what dates (if any) in February? I suspect you are not seeing many dates (if any) further after that. What you saw regarding this week, is coming true. Most parts of the U.S. will start this week seeing above normal temps, and then by the end of this week, far below normal. I believe it is a warning ... of what will culminate in February.
i have not seen much. everything that i see beyond the goat and the snowman is "an unexpected change". all the dates fit together under this "nothing is the same" title. nothing makes any sense to me. in my dreams i am seeing things like humans behaving like cave men or wild animals, rows of homes on fire but 1 in the midst that's fine, perpetual day time, water flooding peoples' houses that seems to leak through the ground upwards...i cant make heads or tails out of most of what i see other than to describe it all as chaos. nothing is normal. last night i saw 3, 10, and 60 - 3 children, 3 lightbulbs, 3 screws; $10; $60.
here are the dates I have seen, but i cant describe any events that coincide (because i cant wrap my brain around what I'm seeing)
feb 2-7
feb 15
mar 17-30
apr 1
apr 20-30
may 5-10
may 20-30
june 4-6
june 10-12
june 20-27
july 2-4
july 16-18
july 20-24
interesting post from a few mins ago...
Interesting! one of the dates you have seen is

"mar 17-30"

Today is January 18th. and I just minutes ago left you a post under your dream about 60, lightbulbs etc. My spontaneous hunch (mine are very often on-target when popping immediately into mind) that I think we have "60" days before something happens, God-forbid it may be lights-out, especially thanks to the "sun" dreamed over and over again.

Sixty days from today is March 18, which in some time zones is exactly 60 days from right now.

editing a quick be encouraging, it just hit me that Eagle1 has told us before that very often or usually? I forget his exact wording, that the event the bot runs bring us are much less severe than they sound. SO....

Maybe we are 60 days from the strongest flare in decades that's earth-pointed, and that some regions go offline for a few days. This does not have to be the long-dreaded sequel to Carrington.
I posted this link in DreamerOracle's post titled San Andreas, but I think it applies here too:

Possible major earthquake, volcanic, and plate activity coming that could strongly affect the Pacific Northwest and California..
The Lord impressed upon me last night "20 days," so your first set of dates, Feb 2-7, is the most significant to me now.
Kamchatka peninsula begins freaking out? volcano spews LAVA 5+ miles into the air...
(12-17-2015, 08:11 PM)still Wrote: [ -> ]im gonna put this here.  these are things that i have seen coming.  somewhere in the forum i thought i had posted these but now i cant find them.

i saw 2 massive earthquakes over the states of Washington and Oregon including the coastal area.
i saw 2 massive earthquakes over the northern Russian peninsula called Kamchatka out into the Aleutian islands.
i saw a tsunami in an island-like setting...beach, palm trees. like florida, california or Hawaii.
i saw government medical/scientific employees creating and implementing disease that changes human DNA
i saw martial law implemented with people being rounded up and executed.

i may add more as i look through my posts

Hello Still,

The final two on that list remind me of dreams I had as a child but unfortunately it was a forced vaccination, the military arresting people who were avoiding the process... it was very much a martial law kind of atmosphere. I was about 5 years old and the concepts of martial law were quite confusing, although I was an adult within the dream. I had a coat filled with watches that I was trying to sell to get by... Today at 48 my collection of watches has grown Dodgy
(01-20-2016, 09:35 AM)still Wrote: [ -> ]Kamchatka peninsula begins freaking out?  volcano spews LAVA 5+ miles into the air...

Whoooaaa! The picture of the explosion looks exactly how I saw my volcano go in my dream regarding Molokai! And it is on an island, too..
M 7.0 - 95km NNE of Yelizovo, Russia

Looking at the USGS map this morning, I find it interesting that there are earthquakes that occurred in Ferndale, California, but upon closer review, they actually appear to be from the Juan De Fuca subduction zone. I wonder why they would indicate that it originate in California?
With offshore quakes, I've noticed over the years that USGS will list whatever land mass they are near, always wanting to name a town. Like, they don't list "San Andreas" but what town it's nearest, or famous mountain it's near, etc.

**Lakeview, Oregon is a perfect example. Drove me crazy at first when that started showing on the map, but they are not IN Oregon, the quakes are in Northern nevada near the border with Oregon!! Proved to me that USGS is listing the town they're nearest to.

You can go to USGS maps, click on wanting to see all quakes above a 2.5 magnitude for the last 30 days, and several for that epicenter will come show, so you can see for yourself. That's a hotspot and was for most of last year, I think. Looked like it was ready to pop a 6.0 even.
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