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Full Version: 40 days charisma
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October 11

I saw complete blackness. then there was a white clothes washer and dryer. they grew whiter until they were literally glowing. then I saw on the bottom of one "40 days" and the bottom of the other "charisma".

I heard the song "jesus friend of sinners break our heart for what breaks yours.
Dear Still,

i read your dream, and i sometimes noticed that a number in a dream has a significance. Did you see anything connected with the dream after 40 days on the 21st of november?

With the best regards


terrorist attack on Mali and from nov. 21 there are 40 days left in the year.

there was also this news from the 22nd that ties in because the dream occurred at night, where in some places it was already the 22nd. the date 11/22 has enough symbolism on its own, and legendary because JFK was assassinated, but this year China formerly declared war on ISIS, a terrorist threat diverted a Turkish plane into Halifax and a Myanmar landslide killed 100+ people.

a lot more stuff happened on this weekend. so much...
Dear Still,

i have miscalculated. 40 days from te 11th october is the 20th November. And if it were my dream i would connect jesus with the 40 days of fasting before easter. From the 11th of October until the fast breaking in 2016 there are 162 days and this would be 5 and a half moon cycles. i would think it is a great classic dream.

with the best regards

actually nov 21 is correct because of the time that the dream occurred. I miscalculate myself at first, but received spiritual discernment. there are many instances in the Bible of 40 days. I have a list somewhere I can post here when I find it. but some of them are: Jesus wandered in the wilderness 40 days and was tempted by the enemy; it rained 40 days and nights on the ark of Noah; Elijah fled from Jezebel 40 days; Caleb, Joshua, and a man from each tribe explored Canaan for 40 days; Moses was on the mount with God 40 days; Ezekiel bore the sins of Judah 40 days; Jonah warned Ninevah 40 days; Jesus walked earth 40 days after His resurrection...this may be all of the 40 days instances and there are also the 40 YEARS references.

I thought at first it was a simple dream to understand with such plain imagery. 40 days + charisma (gift) + a washer and dryer with which you wash your garments glowing white...and then 40 days passed. so now I am currently rethinking. 40 weeks? 7/18/16. 40 months? 2/12/19. maybe something major happened in the spiritual realm on nov 21. maybe it had to do with that horrible mali attack. **shrug** don't know yet.

thank you for reading and commenting. all input is always appreciated Smile
Still, here are a few other other 40 references as well, not that you needed any others. Orthodox Christians have 40 blessing for newborn babies, the mother and baby go to church and receive a blessing together from the priest. They additionally, have 40 day memorials after a person dies and 40 days of Lent. A Muslim friend of my once mentioned it was their tradition to also have a 40 day memorial where they would have some sort of dinner/lunch and give it to others, often the poor to honor their loved one. I believe Muhammad was forty years old when he first received the revelation delivered by the archangel Gabriel.

It just dawned on me, could the washer mean Washington? Something happening in Washington in 40 days?
that's a thought! I wish I could remember for certain if the washer said 40 days and the dryer charisma or vice versa. it might make a difference.