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Full Version: roman reigns
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December 11

I met roman reigns (WWE). he fell in love with me. I kept trying to brush him off. I am married I kept telling him. he was at my house. he cut his long hair and put on a (really ugly) brown suit. he knelt in front of me with flowers. a neighbor came in my house. she said my car was in her space - move it. I said im sorry, I didn't park in your space. I said I went down into my place. she said go look. so I went out there and moved my car just a little bit between these 2 red brick pillars. I went back inside and roman was still there. but he looked scrawny like he had aged 30 years waiting.
wow! your insight! I never took the roman out of the Roman Reigns. WOW!

and when he cut his hair and put on that ugly brown suit I was like, dude?!?

when I first woke up I thought Samson, from the Bible, but I think you're right on with pulling the roman out of his name.