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Full Version: biting the finger
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I was in my house alone. I was planning to be going away on a trip or something. I was closing and locking all my doors and window very hurriedly, someone or something very sinister was outside looking for a way in. it was very urgent that I got everything closed quickly.
soon I was in my bed. as I was laying there a finger appeared over my face. an index finger wagging in my face like it was saying "uh-uh-uh. not as safe as you think you are." the finger was taunting me. but when it got very close to my face, I BIT it! then I woke up in a start.
immediately I started praying and knew this dream was a warning because of the post I made yesterday "I am protected. they cant harm me." let me clarify that statement. I am protected and they sinister forces around us cant physically harm me unless they are allowed to, as Job was in the Bible, as a testing. Prayer keeps my defenses tight. A perimeter around myself.